In Conversation With Nikunj Shukla, Director, Waasol Energies LLP


Could you give our readers a brief introduction of Waasol Energies LLP and its offerings in the field of low-carbon and green economy?


Waasol Energies LLP is one of the most promising names in the field of Solar Thermal applications in the country with over 24,00,000 Liters of Hot Water installation over a decade which includes the most critical installations in extreme climatic conditions.

Waasol has developed indigenous SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Replicable and Time bound solutions for Solar Thermal Applications using  IOT based solutions in the field of Heating, Drying and Cooking with state of the art solutions.


It is a fact that over 48 % of energy is consumed in Thermal Applications which can be replaced by SMART Solar Thermal Applications in the country. A big step to make Atma Nirbhar Bharat in Energy Consumptions.


India is also a signatory to the Paris Agreement 2015 and committed to cut GHG, Green House Gas, the emissions intensity of its GDP by 33-35 % and increase Non-fossil fuel power capacity to 40 % from 28 % in 2015.

This makes sense of acute urgency to develop Innovative Solutions of Renewable Energy so that we can be truly Atma Nirbhar with Clean & Green energy Solutions which are Conceived, Designed, Developed & Manufactured in India and thus become a hub for global needs. 

Waasol is focusing on Replacing Fossil Fuel Consumptions in the Industries for Heating or Steam generation through SMART Solar Thermal Applications. The applications are for Solar Thermal based Hot water systems, Drying solutions, Community Cooking solutions, Water desalination solutions and 24 x 7 Assured Hot Water systems to cater to double the market size as compared to the power business. 

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What have been some technology advancements made by Waasol recently in the field of the solar thermal market?

Waasol has developed customized SMART Solar Thermal Applications for the people of cold regions for supplying hot water systems to over 6,00,000 litres per day for 9,000 + families with customized design to reduce GHG, Green House Gas, emissions equal to 9,00,000 tons of CO2 annually.

Our Techno Commercial professional has developed customised applications for the Dairies, Chemical, Textile, Pharmaceuticals and Utility applications of hot water systems of over 18,00,000 litres per day for 6000 + industry and other beneficiaries which have helped to reduce GHG, Green House Gas, equal to 28,80,000 tons of CO2 annually. 

Waasol has recently developed solutions to increase the efficiency of the ETP – Effluent treatment plant by over 50% in phase 1 and will have further development in the process.

What are the current challenges and opportunities especially in the SMART Solar Thermal Applications in India?

India is one of the fastest growing economies and 2nd largest Market & 5th Largest Energy Consumer in the World out of which 71 % + energy is supported with Thermal Energy.

It’s inevitable to provide low-cost sustainable energy for the growth of the economy and thus focus on Alternate solutions for existing conventional sources in the Industry, Institution and Domestic Utility Applications.

Aggressive support by an amendment in policies that needs drastic change to actually develop solutions in the country rather than importing from other countries. Many policies are actually creating Conflict for the benefit of the country and helping foreign countries to grow their GDP which must be replaced with the Indigenisation of technology.

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We too lack a platform for Innovative solutions in the segment that can be bridged with right alignment with Policies, Corporate support, Strengthening MSME and Academic institutions to build talent for tomorrow.

This segment requires special attention from ministries such as MNRE, MSME, Ministry of Industries and Commerce besides State nodal agencies to facilitate effective implementations of SMART Solar Thermal Applications based on IOT’s.

We may have innovative solutions linked with Direct tax benefits in the Industries and extend benefits to the beneficiary for the promotion of Solar Thermal applications so as we can greatly save upon FOREX. 

What are the key milestones the company is aiming for in the near future?

Waasol is aiming for developing sector specific industrial SMART Solar Thermal Applications solutions with Strategic alliance with global technology providers and providing state of the art solutions in the segment of primary heating such as water and air.

We are also connecting with leading PSUs to charter out plans to reduce fossil fuel consumptions using SMART Solar Thermal Applications with extensive usage of IoT based solutions.

Waasol is likely to play a pivotal role between policymakers of the country and with the leading academic institutions to develop new technology solutions in the segments.

It’s herculin task considering the huge market potential of 1200 MToE ( Million ton of Oil Equivalent ) and would like to partner in the growth of the nation with an initiative of SMART Solar Thermal Applications.

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Anything else that you would like our readers to know?

Team Waasol Strongly believes in the Principle of ISA – Innovative, Simple and Affordable Solutions in the field of Solar Energy which has played a pivotal role to enjoy a leadership position in the segment with Pan India service support.

In order to understand market potential better way, let us take a view of the following case study.

For instance, replacing primary energy consumption in hot water used for bathing and if we can replace over 50 Million of 6 KW electric geysers, can actually save over 250 GWh and millions of working capital.

Considering one more fact that Industry in India is importing over INR 1800 billion of fossil fuel. If we can use SMART Solar Thermal Applications, it actually improves FOREX reserves. 

Few leading countries have actually implemented the above logic and helped the country to reduce demand supply gap for power. 

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