Eagle Solar & Light Opens New Solar Power Installation


Trussville Storage, an Alabama-based self-storage company, and Eagle Solar & Light of Birmingham announced with a ribbon-cutting ceremony the activation of its solar power installation at 7900 Gadsden Highway in Trussville.


In January 2021 Trussville Storage began its investigation of adding solar power to its facility on Gadsden Highway in Trussville. They partnered with Kathy Henderson of Eagle Solar & Light to design the proper system for this location. Several design sizes were considered and after consultation with the Jefferson County Development Services Building Division and Alabama Power, a final design was developed and approved. 

Despite a limited inventory of materials and a disrupted supply chain, the installation proceeded on schedule. The system is now operational and undergoing a 30-day test period.


“Based on the project summary and analysis provided by Eagle Solar & Light, we expect to save $240,367 in energy costs over a 25-year period,” said David Protiva and Mark Titshaw of Trussville Storage. “We expect to cover about 61% of our energy use with this installation and even can sell power back to Alabama Power at times.”

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Kathy Henderson with Eagle Solar & Light commented that, “Self-storage buildings are a great fit for solar because they have consistent daily use of energy throughout the year. This allows them to maximize their savings and offset a good portion of their power demand with minimal cost. The owners and staff at Trussville Storage are ideal customers and we look forward to working with them for the life of the system and beyond.”

Samuel Yates, CEO of Eagle Solar & Light added, “Commercial solar in Alabama not only generates exceptional financial returns, as we have utility rates well in excess of the national average but is also the best step toward achieving corporate sustainability goals. Climate-controlled self-storage facilities produce energy consumption profiles that fit daily and weekly solar energy generation parameters very well. The Trussville Storage solar installation represents the 2nd of 3 self-storage installations in progress in the Birmingham area for Eagle Solar & Light.”

Trussville Storage manager, Kelly Epps, said, “The new owners have been working hard since November 2020 to make sure this facility remains the best self-storage facility in the area. Earlier this year, we completed our transition to all LED lighting and now with the solar power, the owners are showing again they want to be responsible corporate citizens.”

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