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Solarpack’s 2.6 Million Euro Social Action Plan Includes Universalizing Access to Clean Energy


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Within the framework of the ESG Strategic Plan 2021-2023, Solarpack has defined its social action and sustainable development plan to which it has assigned a budget of more than 2.6 million euros for that period.


The plan includes, among others, the objectives of universalizing access to clean energy and promoting socioeconomic development through education in the areas where they operate

The Plan contemplates initiatives that generate a positive impact on both the environment and society and aligns the social contribution and business activity through social projects, especially focused on promoting SDG 4 and 7, which seek to guarantee inclusive, equitable and quality education and access to affordable, safe, sustainable, and modern energy for all.

The Plan is based on the promotion of universal access to energy and is directly aligned with Solarpack’s purpose “Accelerating the transition towards clean and affordable energy for all”. In this sense, it has signed a collaboration agreement with the EKI Foundation to supply and finance photovoltaic solar installations that allow the generation of electricity in educational centres, health centres and other community buildings of social interest that do not have a stable and clean electricity supply.

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Another of the strategic axes of the social action plan is the development through education, with the aim of promoting and improving the socioeconomic system with quality education as a basis for sustainable development, through social, environmental and professional photovoltaic training projects.

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