Voltalia Partners With Leroy Merlin For Rooftop Solar PV In France


Voltalia an international player in renewable energies, announces that it has signed an agreement with Leroy Merlin to launch a turnkey service for the installation of rooftop photovoltaic solar panels for individuals in mainland France. Available on the website, this offer democratizes access to solar energy and allows the greatest number of people to benefit from a simple, reliable, and competitive service.


Starting October 05, Leroy Merlin customers will be able to take advantage of a solar panel installation service that combines two areas of expertise: that of Leroy Merlin, a specialist in home furnishings and France’s leading DIY network, and that of Voltalia, an expert in renewable energy, particularly solar energy, both in France and internationally.

For an installation of eight panels, or three kilowatts peak (kWp), the most common power, the offer will start from 8290 euros TTC, with a premium for self-consumption of 1140 euros to deduct.


The offer integrates customer support in several steps. The simulation tool outlines the need, the sizing of the power to be installed, and the self-consumption rate (part of total consumption satisfied by the roof’s production, as opposed to the remaining consumption coming from the electrical network and billed by the energy supplier). In a second step, a video-sale meeting allows to specify and complete the data of the simulation tool. Finally, a field visit allows us to validate the technical data collected from the customer.

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The components (inverters and solar panels) will be guaranteed for 12 years and the mounting system for 20 years. At the end of their life, more than 95% of them will be recycled by PV Cycle, a non-profit eco-organization approved for the collection and recycling of used photovoltaic solar panels.

With this service, the electricity produced will reduce the electricity bill of individuals by up to 60%. In addition, individuals benefit from three measures put in place by the French Government: a contract for the sale of unconsumed production with a fixed price for 20 years, a premium for self-consumption, and reduced VAT for installations up to 3kWp.

This offer is the continuation of a collaboration initiated with Leroy Merlin in 2020, which offers in its stores solar kits to install yourself. The kits are developed and assembled by Voltalia and have been sold in Leroy Merlin stores for over a year.

Sébastien Clerc, CEO of Voltalia, said, “We are very pleased to offer our partner Leroy Merlin solar solutions that allow everyone to participate in the ecological transition”.

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