India, UK to Launch Solar Green Grids Initiative at COP26

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The new Green Grids Initiative, to be launched at COP26, will mark a merging of flagship interconnection initiatives from India and the UK as part of their bilateral cooperation.


The new “Global Green Grids Initiative” and the “One Sun One World One Grid” (GGI-OSOWOG) is an evolution of ISA’s OSOWOG multilateral drive to foster interconnected solar energy infrastructure at a global scale.

The Green Grids Initiative aims to start with a coalition of the willing, such as two countries that would mutually benefit from the transfer of solar electricity and in time, lower costs of solar around the world, said Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General of ISA.


It is a huge opportunity not only for India and the UK, but for countries to come together to utilise the greatest source of energy the sun. The sun is shining somewhere around the globe, even though it might have set someplace else, and the scale of GGI-OSOWOG will not only change clean energy access but could very well be the next biggest modern engineering marvel, he said.

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The partnerships will provide the necessary impetus for delivering these transitions. The ISA invites nations, institutions and stakeholders with aligned interests and investment appetite to partner and accelerate global solar-led energy transition, he noted.

This initiative will bring together an international coalition of national governments, financial organisations, and power system operators to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure needed to deliver a massive scale-up of secure, reliable and affordable power, such as modern, flexible grids, charging points, and electricity interconnectors, the UK’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said, in reference to the joint project.

The alliance said it is working with development banks to bring the benefits of solar across the world. Apart from bringing down prices for solar water pumps, it is enabling technological transfer, storage solutions, financial assistance, along with skilling and enabling countries to adopt solar.

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