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In Conversation With Ashok DM, CEO & MD, EnerMAN Technologies Pvt Ltd.


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1. Please tell us how has the year 2021 been for EnerMAN Technologies? What have been some key developments?

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Despite COVID-19’s impact on our business, we have successfully installed our IoT SCADA (ETi-SOL) products in the countries –Sri Lanka, Nepal, Dubai, Rwanda and Poland through online support. ETi-SOL is deployed over 250+MWp capacity in 45+ PV Plants/rooftops in 2021. The total deployment to date crossed 1,100MWp (1.1GWp). 

2. Please brief our readers about your energy management solutions and range of PV monitoring products.

ETi-SOL is a cloud-based software product that collects data from the field IoT devices for Monitoring, Controlling, Analysis and Reporting of Solar PV plants/rooftops.

ETi-SOL-EDGE is a software product that can be installed in Local PCs/Servers at PV plants/Rooftops and can collect data from the data loggers connected to the PV Plant equipment to Monitor, Control, Analyse and Report the Solar PV plant’s performance.

ETi-LOG is an IIoT Datalogger, which collects the data through RS 485 (RTU/TCP) from PV plants' end equipment and sends data to Local PC/Servers or to the cloud Servers through RS485 (RTU/TCP) or RF or Wi-Fi.

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3. Kindly tell us more in detail about your specialised unique product ETi-SOL.

We provide all types of products and solutions to Solar PV plants/rooftops for Performance Monitoring, Controlling, Analysis and Reporting at an affordable price using in-house developed Hardware, Firmware and Software.

We provide a quick turnaround time (from PO to installation as fast as 2 to 3 working days subject to material stock and payment).

We provide IoT Cloud Software product (ETi-SOL), a Software product for local standalone system (ETi-SOL-EDGE) and we can also provide both a Cloud product and a product for Local System. Our Software product is hardware agnostic; it can work with 3 rd party Datalogger.

Our CMS Software product (ETi-CONNECT) can interface with a third-party Plant SCADA using REST API or FTP data access. Our Product can share Plant data with any third-party Analytics/SCADA product. Within the plant, we can provide data collection through wired/wireless/hybrid solutions. We will ensure that there is no data loss through local storage in our ETi-LOG IoT data logger during any communication issues at the plant.

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4. What are some latest technologies adopted by your esteemed company in the current year?

We have developed a software product, ETi-SLDC, which can be installed on local PCs/Servers to collect data from the Solar PV plant’s equipment and can send important processed clean data to SLDC in a few seconds as per SLDC guidelines.

We have developed another software product, ETi-ZES, which will ensure Zero Export from Solar PV plants / Rooftops to Grid, as per DISCOM policy guidelines, to avoid penalty. This product collects the data from Solar PV plants’ end-equipment and controls/limits the out-power of Solar Inverters based on its load/consumption.

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