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Exclusive Talks With – Sharad D. AcharyaFounder and Chairperson, Bull Power Energy Private Limited


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1. Please tell us about Bull Power’s On-Grid Rooftop Solar Services

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Bull Power Energy, is the leading turn-key solution provider for solar EPC systems. We design, engineer and install solar systems for Domestic, Industrial, Agricultural and utility scale projects. As a specialist in roof-top, and custom designed solar structures, we focus on providing best-in-class solar racking systems and project management capabilities to serve owners and integrators. Leveraging experience in the Residential as well as Industrial design-build specialty structures market, Bull Power Energy works with its clients to identify the most economical, durable, and robust solar structures. Our services include complete design, signed and sealed engineering drawings for the entire Rajasthan, high-tech installation, and end-to-end technical support to help you solve the toughest challenges in the industry

Many people want to save money— Who doesn’t? The easiest way to do so is going solar, average homeowners can save close to 80% off of their bill from the rooftop solar plants.

Solar is one of the cleanest forms of energy production in the world. In addition to saving your wallet, you can help save the environment. 

As a business that uses lots of electricity to power equipment and interior and exterior lights, the best way to control your costs is to find alternative energy sources, like solar energy.  Industrial solar energy systems are an investment in the future of the planet that can help to keep non-renewable energy sources and protect the environment. 

If you want to stop depending on the electricity trading companies and the prices they dictate, you have the option of investing in photovoltaic panels to provide electricity and thermal energy to have heating and sanitary hot water in your industrial facilities.

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2. What products do you have for the agriculture sector? What are the highlights of the same?

We are an Authorized distributor for Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. We are having a complete range of Kirloskar Industrial, Agriculture and submersible pumps like Kirloskar Monobloc Pumps, Kirloskar High Lifter Pumps, Kirloskar Horizontal Split Casing Pumps, KU6 Oil field Pump, Kirloskar End Suction Pumps, Kirloskar Solid Handling Pumps and many more up to 325 meter head.

These high performing pumps are procured from the world renowned company, “Kirloskar”, which fabricates these from high grade raw material in compliance with defined industry standards. Our offered pumps are highly reckoned due to their efficiency, durability and reliability for the agriculture sector. We have almost completed more than 300+ solar pump installations also in the rural area where still no electricity, today these farmers are growing as nowadays they are doing irrigation successfully with solar pumps. 

3. Please tell us about your 50 MW open Access Captive Solar Park ‘MARTANDA’.

Rajasthan has imbibed greater potential in terms of harnessing green solar energy while utilizing it in prosperous ways, thereby nominating Rajasthan as the most eligible state for the development of an open access captive solar park. The place becomes more ideal having the business-friendly solar policy from the Government of Rajasthan. In such a scenario, Rajasthan’s fast-moving and leading solar EPC Company Bull Power Solar is solely determined to introduce a new and resourceful angle to a new project while keeping in mind the savings in large industrial and corporate electricity bills with the installation of a 50 MW Captive Solar Power Park in Bikaner district of Rajasthan. 

This mammoth solar park will be feasible at a cost of about INR 3.0 billion and will have the potential to generate about 85 million units of electricity annually along with the contribution in reducing the carbon emission by 85 million tonnes every year. “MARTANDA” is a gem of an idea for all those consumers who are unable in harnessing green solar power due to certain limitations like unavailability of sufficient space, manpower unavailability for plant management, financial inability to invest a hefty amount in one go, last but not the least time for the professional as well as personal family. “MARTANDA” is the project that is planned to keep each and every type of commercial and industrial consumers in mind like big manufacturing and trading facilities, Hospitals, Hotels, Commercial Complexes, Educational Institutes, Warehouses, Business Parks and many more. 

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4. How are you gearing up for the coming year? What new projects are you looking forward to?

During starting of years, it was quite difficult for us to foresee what was coming. We had set up simple goals which we know we could achieve. In the upcoming five years, we want to test ourselves. we have set up targets which can bring out the best for us. These objectives deal with making decisions that were tough but fruitful. In our initial years, we tried to play it safe which most people do. The five years we see ahead of us are full of responsibilities that need better decisiveness. We are sure the years will be progressive for our organization as well as for Industry. 

5. What are your future growth and expansion plans? Do you have any new products lined up?

Growth is an integral phase of the business cycle, and there comes a time when every successful business owner has to decide whether to expand the business or maintain the status. Well, we are really excited that Green Day-ahead Market (GDAM) is coming. In the next five years, we would like to be recognised as an expert in this sector. Since we already have a great portfolio of C&I projects as well as Captive solar park work experience, we are excited to take up sustainability responsibilities in the coming few years. Besides, we have the potential to lead projects, and if we are able to deliver, we are sure this will give us the chance to become one of the forerunners. We would like to mention that in the past, we have worked on some amazing projects in Textile Industry, Food and Beverage Industry and Oil Industry. We are also ready for expansion with more jobs in this field. A few years ago, we wanted to be where today we are. So five years from now, we will set up realistic goals for our organization. We will keep the same fire alive within and we hope we will achieve our goal.

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