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Nobian and GIG Join Forces to Launch Green Hydrogen Company HyCC

HDF Energy Plans to Build Solar Hydrogen Power Plant in Namibia

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Nobian and Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG) are joining forces to form a leading industrial green hydrogen player, the Hydrogen Chemistry Company (HyCC). HyCC will provide safe, reliable, and affordable green hydrogen solutions to help decarbonize large industries such as aviation, steel, chemicals and refineries.

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Through this partnership, the companies are taking a unique step by creating a company that is specialized in water electrolysis to produce green hydrogen from renewable power at an industrial scale. With Nobian’s experience in large-scale electrolysis and GIG’s resources and project development experience, HyCC will be able to accelerate investments and the development of more large-scale projects.

HyCC will launch with a purpose-built team of hydrogen specialists spanning expertise across technology, manufacturing, project management and commercial development as well as a pipeline of more than 400 megawatt of electrolysis projects. This includes a planned 60 MW facility in the north of the Netherlands to supply green hydrogen for renewable methanol and aviation fuels, a 100 megawatt project near Amsterdam to enable sustainable steel production, and a 250 MW project in Rotterdam to replace fossil-based hydrogen.

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The deal will allow HyCC to grow this pipeline and expand further into the European market

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