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Swiss Solar Plans To Install 1.5 GW Capacity PV Modules In Turkey


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Swiss Solar plans to install a 1.5 GW capacity of the bifacial PV module annually with 3 production lines in Turkey.

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Swiss Solar said, “This decision was made due to an acute shortage of products. Even while doubling the production volume (as compared to 2020) and crossing the 1 GW of total annual capacity, it was not possible to meet the needs of regular customers.”

The company added, “Convenient transportation and logistics infrastructure of the region, providing both sea and land delivery, made the choice unambiguous.”

In the first phase of the project, the production area will be finalized, purchase and installation of the 3 PV module lines will take place at 450 Wp, 500 Wp, and 545 Wp.

“Swiss Solar is already negotiating with the world’s leading manufacturers, whose names will be disclosed after the supply contract is signed,” the company said.

The company targets to have 10 PV module lines by 2027 with a capacity of 500 MW each and reaching 5 GW annual capacity. The finished modules come with a 25 years guarantee.

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“The main promotion efforts in Europe and North America will focus on the residential segment, and in South America, on the commercial, and utility segments. The successful progress of the project already allows Swiss Solar to conclude that the new plant and its innovative products will not only enable the company to meet the needs of its regular customers but will also open new markets,” the company added.

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