Country’s Ambitious Petroleum Pipeline Project Adopts Renewable Energy

File Photo of Solar Panels installed at Bina-Panki Pipeline Project

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated a petroleum products pipeline built by Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) at a ceremony in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.


This pipeline, a prestigious project of the BPCL, Govt of India, running from Bina (Sagar, Madhya Pradesh) to Panki (Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh), is touted to be the main artery of fuel supply in eastern Uttar Pradesh. It will potentially fostering social and economic development in the region.


Statcon Energiaa has successfully solarised the ‘Bina-Panki Multi-Product Pipeline’.


Statcon Energiaa has designed and installed a total of 211.2 kWP ‘Hybrid Solar Solution’ along the 355 km-long pipeline – a 19.2 kWP at each SV Station.

SV (Sectionalised Valve) stations are installations at regular intervals along the pipeline so as to isolate each pipeline section during emergencies like gas leakages.

The solution includes the company’s indigenously manufactured Hybrid Solar Power Conditioning Units (PCU) that are essentially grid-tied plus battery storage. These are advanced bi-directional inverters that provide seamless power (less than 10 msec of changeover time in case of power cut). The battery bank is of 1200Ah 48V at each station along with its health monitoring.

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Statcon Energiaa is a 30+ years old Power Electronics manufacturer renowned for critical renewable applications and forsupplying best-in-class products for the Indian Railways, Power Utilities, Solar and Defence Sectors. Their products have been functioning smoothly across critical applications globally – from Microgrids in Nigeria to Minigrids in Uttar Pradesh and Microgrids in Bihar.

Similar to the Bina-Panki pipeline solar project, Statcon Energiaa has solarised several pipeline projects by GAIL (India) Ltd. The world’s highest bottling plant by the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) in Leh, has been solarised by Statcon Energiaa where they designed and delivered an ‘Island Solar Solution’. The company also solarised India’s first court in Khunti, Jharkhand – also inaugurated by the honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi.

The company’s Director, Mr Pranjal Pande, said, “Having grown up and studied in Uttar Pradesh, I am proud to be associated with this project of the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. This prestigious project gives the citizens of this state an opportunity to grow and foster. In alignment with our Honourable PM’s message at COP26 this year, we are striving to ensure a sustainable and clean future for all. Also grateful to BPCL for giving us this opportunity to serve our country in a big way – as they have in the past for several of their projects. Our company has been a leading power electronics manufacturer for 30+ years and will continue to build innovative products and solutions that fulfil the energy needs of our nation”.

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