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Jebel Ali Logistics Center To Run On Solar Power

A file photo of Jebel Ali Distribution Center's inauguration

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Schneider Electric and Airlink International have transformed the Jebel Ali Logistics Center into one of the most sustainable distribution hubs in the UAE. A solar rooftop system was used which covered 90% of the energy demands of the site.

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Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy management and Airlink International is a leading freight forwarder, logistics, and travel provider.

The plant is owned by Airlink International and is maintained and operated by Siraj Power. In the first year, the solar plant will generate 2088 MWh with 2000 solar panels installed and will offset around 1500 metric tons of carbon emissions.

The system comprises 16 solar inverters of Schneider Electric which converts the current output of solar panels into alternating current which is used by the logistics center’s grid.

To meet the sustainability commitments of both the companies, the site is now using renewable energy and will reduce 50% of carbon emissions. The energy generated from this plant can supply power to more than 200 houses.

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Lovina Pereira, the Distribution Center Manager of Schneider Electric Gulf said, “The Airlink Logistics Center is one of our most efficient sites in the world. And now it’s one of our most sustainable too. We are always working to improve how green our operations are, and this is one big step to going carbon neutral for our operations across the Gulf region.”

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