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Solar With Energy Storage For Aeration Systems

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A scientist from a Thailand University has recommended using floating solar PV with energy storage for powering aeration systems which are used in the projects of aquaculture. Chaowanan Jamroen is a scientist at King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok in Thailand who has suggested this.

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In a recent paper published by Mr. Chaowanan Jamroen titled “Optimal techno-economic sizing of a standalone floating photovoltaic/battery energy storage system to power an aquaculture aeration and monitoring system,” he said that such energy power systems will be beneficial for shrimp ponds which are in remote parts of countries, where there is no grid electricity.

He said, “The proposed configuration could be used for a paddlewheel aerator and a turbine aerator. However, it is not suitable for a pump-sprayer aerator and a diffuser aerator.”

The capital cost of nearly 54% solar power storage system is represented by the battery cost and because of this, the sizing of the complete system is important for achieving economic viability.

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For the aeration system, Mr. Chaowanan Jamroen has designed floating solar PV plus storage installation for a shrimp pond. The pond has a paddlewheel aerator with around 100 revolutions per minute (rpm) speed. The system requires 200 W power is installed somewhere around the Gulf of Thailand and it relies on a monitoring system that has a power requirement of 5 W. The system works for 6 hours a day whereas the monitoring system works around the clock.

Jamroen said, “The floating platform is assembled using four high-density polyethylene floats, which are bound into a single unit by a galvanized steel frame, to support both the aerator and solar-plus-storage system. This floating platform has a weight capacity of around 100 kg weight capacity, which is a crucial factor that restricts the size of the solar generator coupled to storage.”

The ideal sizing for an aeration system is 450 W for a solar PV system and 60 Ah for the battery in the day with the cost of $8,810 and for the night, 535 kW size for PV, and 150 Ah for battery storage with a cost of $11,400. He said that this combination is cheaper than solar PV with diesel and without a battery.

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He added, “The costs of the selected optimal floating solar-plus-storage system were estimated at $805 for day aeration and $1,420 for night aeration. The costs covered only the solar-plus-storage system and the costs of floats, motor, paddle wheels, structure, electronic components for the monitoring system were excluded, as our work focused only on the energy system.”

“The results indicated that the solar-plus-storage system is the most technically and economically feasible option among the other configurations for both day- and night-aeration scenarios,” concluded Jamroen.

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