RBI Banknotes Printing Arm Invites Bids For 1 MW Solar Project In Mysuru


Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran, a fully owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has requested proposals to supply, design, test, construct, and commission a 1 MW ground-mounted solar project in its printing press in Mysuru without a battery bank.


The RBI subsidiary oversees two printing plants, one in Salboni, West Bengal and the other in Mysuru, Karnataka.


April 13, 2022, is the deadline for submitting a proposal, and the bid opening date as well.


The work must be done within 180 days after the work order’s issuance. The anticipated worth of the project is Rs 70 million.

If the work is not completed within the period indicated, liquidated damages of 0.5% of the price of non-supplied items will be assessed every week, up to a maximum of 10% of the balance work or undelivered goods.

The selected bidder will be required to present a performance bank guarantee in the amount of 3% of the total contract value within 21 days of the work order’s release. 

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To compete in the bidding procedure, the bidder must have done one similar job worth not less than Rs 56 million or 2 similar works worth not less than Rs 35 million each or 3 similar works worth not less than Rs 28 million each within the previous 7 years.

The average yearly turnover of the participating bidder should be at least Rs 21 million and the bidder’s net worth should be positive and should not have declined by more than 30% year-on-year during the past 3 fiscal years.

Furthermore, interested bidders would be required to provide an earnest money deposit of Rs 500,000.

Purchases will be prioritized for ‘Class-I local suppliers.’ The supplier will be given a purchase advantage if the offered price falls within the price preference range, i.e., within L1 + 20%.

If the bidder intends to furnish finished items produced directly or indirectly by vendors from countries bordering India, such vendors must be registered with the relevant government authority.

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The solar modules utilized in the project should have a ten-year power output of 90 percent and a 25-year power output of 80 percent.

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