Ingeteam Supplies Inverters for 210 MWp of Solar Farms in Brazil

Power Station de Ingeteam en la planta PV Bon Nome

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Ingeteam SA said that it supplied inverters and substations for two solar projects totalling 210 MWp in Brazil.


The supply is divided into two PV plants Brígida (80 MWp) and Bon Nome (130 MWp).

Ingeteam has already concluded the supply of 108 solar inverters made in Brazil and 32 substations or power stations also assembled in the country.

The supply was directed at two PV projects from Mercury Renew, a Grupo Comerc Energia company. The Brígida 80 MWp solar plant, that has been operating since April last year and was inaugurated in July by the minister of Mines and Energy and the minister of Tourism.

The Bon Norme 130 MWp solar plant has been commissioned now. Both plants are part of the same solar complex located in the state of Pernambuco.

For these photovoltaic projects, Ingeteam has supplied 32 power stations of the INGECON SUN MSK model. Each contains various solar inverters, power transformer, medium voltage switchgear, auxiliary services panel and auxiliary services transformer.

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José Nardi, the solar business unit manager at Ingeteam Brasil, emphasized that “these contracts, as well as being iconic projects for our subsidiary, are also great news for driving the industry and local Brazilian employment, given that we’re the only solar inverter manufacturer to produce locally in the country”.

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