PGCIL To Develop Renewable Energy Management Centre With 100% Grant In Hyderabad


Chairman Managing Director (CMD) of Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL), K Sreekant said that PGCIL will develop a Renewable Energy Management Centre (REMC) in Vidyut Soudha, Hyderabad, with a 100% grant of Rs 17.6 crore.


The CMD stated that the Renewable Energy Management Centre will use artificial intelligence-based forecasting and scheduling techniques, and the centre would provide better visualization and decision-making for load dispatch operations.

The PGCIL CMD paid a visit to the Transmission Corporation of Telangana (TSTRANSCO) and met with its CMD, D Prabhakar Rao, to commend TSTRANSCO’s best practices.


K Sreekant declared that TSTRANSCO’s transmission availability is at 99.99% which is one of the greatest in India. He also promised that Power Grid will extend its full association and coordination in leveraging the joint facilities of PGCIL and TSTRANSCO to further develop Telangana’s 400 KV transmission infrastructure.


Sreekant further praised TSTRANSCO’s excellent recommendation to use transmission towers with enhanced heights in forest regions to assist in quicker forest clearances. He stated that PGCIL was studying the proposition and concept given by TSTRANSCO, and that its implementation would undoubtedly shorten the gestation period of transmission projects.

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PGCIL is creating the REMC in appreciation of the State Load Dispatch Centre’s (TS SLDC) successful management of ever-increasing renewable energy integration with the state grid in the most sustainable manner.

The PGCIL announced about a week ago that the Committee of Directors on Investment on Projects had authorized investments to upgrade the transmission infrastructure beyond Kolhapur (Maharashtra) for power exportation from solar and wind energy sectors in the Southern Region. The project will cost Rs 129.28 crore and will be completed in February of next year.

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