NTPC Tenders For Procurement of 16,000 Solar PV Panels for Bhadla Solar Project

Healthcare Global Enterprises Commissions 2.25 MW Solar Power Plant in Karnataka

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NTPC has invited on-line (e-tender) bids from eligible bidders for Procurement of 15000 number & 1000 numbers of solar PV panels of 300wp for Bhadla Solar.


April 29, 2022 is the final date to submit the bids. The bids will be opened on 2nd May 2022.

The module must be enlised under MNRE’s ALMM list. The delivery period is of 3 months.

To qualify, the bidder should have manufactured and supplied Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) Modules of cumulative capacity of 3840 KWp or above, out of which at least one such supply order should be for 960 KWp or above capacity. The reference plant of 960 KWp or above capacity must have been in successful operation for at least six months prior to the date of techno-commercial bid opening.

Or the bidder should be Group Company/Holding Company or Subsidiary company of the module manufacturer meeting the necessary requirements. In such a case, bidder shall furnish a letter of Undertaking jointly executed by the module manufacturer and the bidder at the time of submission of techno-commercial bid as per the bidding document.

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The reference supply order of minimum capacity of 500 KWp or above only shall be considered for cumulative capacity determination.

Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) based supply order for Roof-top solar power projects, which are grid connected, shall also be considered eligible for QR purposes.

Bidder shall also be considered qualified in case, the award for executing the reference works has been received by the bidder either directly from owner of plant or any other intermediary organization.

However, a certificate from such owner of Plant or the intermediary organization shall be required to be furnished by the Bidder.

The average annual turnover of the Bidder, should not be less than Rs.1076 Lakhs to supply 15000 number modules. To supply 1000 modules, the required annual turnover of the bidders must be Rs. 62 Lakh minimum.

In case the bidder does not satisfy the financial criteria, its Holding Company would be required to meet the stipulated turnover requirements, provided that the net worth of such Holding Company as on the last day of the preceding financial year is at least equal to or more than the paid-up share capital of the Holding Company. In such an event, the bidder would be required to furnish along with its Techno-Commercial bid, a Letter of Undertaking from the Holding Company, supported by Board Resolution, as per the format enclosed in the bid documents, pledging unconditional and irrevocable financial support for the execution of the Contract by the bidder in case of award.

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