India Has Taken Globally Aacknowledged Initiative of Energy Transition: R K Singh

Shri R. K. Singh (Minister of Power & New and Renewable Energy Government of India)

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Shri R. K. Singh (Minister of Power & New and Renewable Energy Government of India) and President of ISA Assembly and President of the European Commission H.E. Ursula von der Leyen addressed Industry on Solar Energy Development during their visit at the International Solar Alliance (ISA Secretariat) in Gurugram.


Industry representatives were addressed by the dignitaries, who then participated in a panel discussion about solar energy development. The visit was hosted by Shri Ajay Mathur, DG of ISA.

Others included Shri Indu Shekhar Chakurvedi, Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Government of India; and Ambassador of the EU in India and Bhutan, H.E. Ugo Astuto, and five ambassadors from the seven EU member countries of ISA: H.E. Ambassador of France. Emmanuel Lenain, Ambassador of Denmark H. E. Freddy Svane, Ambassador of Sweden H.E. Klas Molin; Ambassador to Germany, H.E. Walter Lindner and Ambassador of Italy H.E. Vincenzo de Luca and representatives from the solar sector were present at the meeting.

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Shri R K Singh, President ISA Assembly, noted that India has taken the internationally recognized initiative of energy transformation. All countries must now come together to help solve each other’s problems.

In her keynote speech, the President of the European Commission stated that “India and Europe are closely linked in the fight against climate changes. Both India and Europe have taken the first steps towards net zero emissions. Both in India and Europe, solar power will play a crucial role in achieving this goal. We need to increase cooperation between India and the EU in developing solar energy. We can share our knowledge on how to finance, promote and deploy solar energy, as well as how to ensure global supply chains for the material and materials needed for solar panels.

Secretary, Ministry of New Renewable and Energy Government of India stated that the international community has been placing increasing trust in International Solar Alliance as an important instrument in fighting climate change. He stated that the visit by the President of the EC to ISA headquarters will result in a renewed commitment by countries around the globe to strengthen ISA’s efforts.

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During the discussion, DG of ISA stated that India’s cooperation with the EC as well as with EU Member States was built on the synergistic multiplier effect. This is where solar can be affordable, accessible and made equitably available.

Among the industry leaders present were CEOs of EDF-India and Tata Power, Greenko, Reliance Power, Schneider Electric, Tata Power and Vikram Sun. They exchanged their views on key issues in solar energy development.

Since the creation of the International Solar Alliance, the European Commission and ISA have enjoyed strong cooperation. The International Solar Alliance and the EU signed a joint declaration at COP24 2018 to promote solar energy. H.E. Frans Timmermans announced a 1 million euro EU-funded project during his participation at the ISA Assembly in Oct 2021.

It aimed to further strengthen the EU’s engagement with the International Solar Alliance, its Member States and EU academic, financial and business communities. ISA Member countries currently include seven EU member states: France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, Germany as well as Italy and Greece. France and India are the Presidents and Co-Presidents of ISA.

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