L&T To Collaborate With IIT Bombay To Develop Green Hydrogen Technology


Larsen & Toubro (L&T), an engineering and construction conglomerate, entered into a pact Tuesday with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in order to jointly research and develop green hydrogen technology.


Green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis using renewable energy and has no carbon footprint.

The company stated in a statement that L&T had signed an agreement with Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (the nation’s leading technology and research institution) to jointly conduct research and development work on the green hydrogen value chains.


The two organizations have teamed up to support the country’s green hydrogen industry and develop a new-generation technology.

The statement stated that L&T’s engineering skills, product scale-up, and commercialisation knowledge and IIT Bombay’s cutting-edge research on hydrogen technologies will assist this partnership in achieving its goals.

L&T’s partnership agreement with IIT Bombay, and its world-class technologists, will help India develop indigenous, globally-competitive technologies. It will also push India towards green hydrogen technology, stated S N Subrahmanyan (CEO and MD of L&T).

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Subhasis Chaudhuri is the Director of IIT Bombay. He stated, “Given India’s urgent target to become net zero by 2070 and the urgency of climate crisis, the transition from fossil fuels to green hydrogen will play an important role in achieving this goal.” India’s national hydrogen project is a positive step. I believe that L&T and India will be able to provide cost-effective and scalable solutions.

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