Iraq Is Planning To Construct A Plant To Manufacture Solar Energy Powered Pumps


Iraq is planning to construct a plant to manufacture solar energy powered pumps with electrical transformers to cater for the rising domestic demand for these products. The country is also planning to award various solar projects to companies.


The General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries has made few plans to produce solar-related equipment domestically to reduce the dependency on imports.

“Switching to renewable energy in Iraq also includes production lines…we have plans to manufacture solar power pumps and electrical transformers. These plans will be implemented gradually to include all factories affiliated with the company inside Iraq,” the Company’s Director General Sufian Al-Jabbouri said. 


Iraq aims to have 20% of its energy mix coming from solar power in the coming few years to meet the growing consumption and rising population.


Iraq is the second-largest oil producer but currently, it is facing a shortage in power supply due to the ongoing war and ti is highly dependent on Iran for its power.

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