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EBRD To Lend US$ 4.8 Million To Intro Sustainable Resources And Intro Solar S.A.E. In Egypt


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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is lending up to US$ 4.8 million to Intro Sustainable Resources and Intro Solar S.A.E. in Egypt.

Intro-SR will receive the loan to finance its equity stake in a portfolio that focuses on energy efficiency, waste-to-energy, and solar photovoltaic projects. One of the projects is the first private-to–private energy generation project in Egypt. It aims to promote resource consumption efficiency.

Intro-SR was founded in Dubai International Financial Centre in 2020 to develop energy management, renewable energy, and other waste management projects. Intro Investments Holding Ltd., established in 2016, owns it.

Egypt was a founding member of the EBRD. The EBRD has made investments in 144 projects in the country since 2012 when it began operations.

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