SM Supermalls Of Philippines Installs Rooftop Solar To Meet Its Energy Needs


SM Supermalls, Philippines’ largest mall operator surpasses the target it set for utilizing renewable energy sources for meeting its energy needs.


Currently, the mall chain is sourcing around 68% of its energy from renewable sources as per Liza Silerio, SM Supermalls Corporate Compliance Vice President.

The mall chain set its target of generating power from renewable energy of 50% in 2022 and it has now surpassed this. Also, SM Supermalls is the first mall of Philippines which introduced rooftop solar for fulfilling the malls’s power needs.


8 SM Malls are currently using solar power and 23 more are in pipeline for utilizing solar energy. “There will be in the pipeline. We still have 50 malls that we will install (with) solar roof decks,” she said. 


The initiative by the mall will help country in shifting to clean energy sources and cut back carbon emissions. SM Supermalls is one of Southeast Asia’s biggest developers and the operator of 72 malls in the Philippines, and 8 malls in China.

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