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Rays Experts to Commission 3000 MW Solar Park in Rajasthan


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Rays Experts announced that it will commission Rajasthan’s largest solar park with a capacity of 3000 MWp. Bikaner, Rajasthan will host the 9000-acre solar park.


According to a company statement, it has signed all necessary transmission agreements and received all approvals.

It also stated that this is the first and only private ultra mega solar park of 100 percent in the country, which is also connected to the central transmission network.

The government owns all other major solar parks that were built in the past. This company claims to be India’s largest developer of solar parks.

The solar park will provide ready-to-move infrastructure to multiple solar developers. This can help them save significant time and money as they already have land, transmission lines, etc.

The greatest open risk to solar developers is currently the availability of transmission capacity in the network. This solar park addresses this issue to a large degree.

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Rays Experts has a 100% market share in private solar parks projects in Rajasthan and Haryana due to its market presence. They also have a 95% customer retention rate.

Rahul Gupta MD and CEO said that it was remarkable to see the Indian renewable energy sector grow over the past few years. We are working hard to achieve the 300 GW target for 2030.

He stated that only projects with low return expectations are able to survive at the current tariff levels. Therefore, it is important to reduce project risk in order for return expectations to be lower.

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