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Kerala Electricity Board Invites Bids To Procure 150 MW Solar Power To Meet RPO


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In order to fulfill its Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) objective for the period June 15, 2022 to March 31, 2023, Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEBL) has sought bids to acquire 150 MW of solar electricity on a short-term basis.


The power supply can be provided by more than one source, with the condition that each source should not be less than 10 MW.

The proposals must be submitted by May 30, 2022, which will be disclosed on the same day. On June 6, an e-reverse auction will take place.

The bidding procedure is open to all state utilities, generators, state electricity boards, captive power projects, distribution licensees, and trading licensees that have a valid trading license from the competent regulator. 

Bidders must pay a non-refundable e-bidding charge of Rs 500/MW of quoted capacity and Rs 15,000 as a non-refundable tender fee.

Additionally, winning bidders must provide Rs 30,000 as an earnest money deposit per MW of stated capacity. Within seven days of selecting winning bids, they must further present a performance bank guarantee of Rs 200,000/MW of quoted capacity.

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The distribution location for interstate transmission will be the Kerala border. A pooling substation will be used as a delivery point for intrastate power transmission. The selected bidders must bear all transmission losses, intra-state open excess costs, state load dispatch center fees, and all application duties, taxes, fees, and cess up to the delivery point.

The selected bidder must begin supplying electricity on June 15, 2022, or the date specified in the letter of award, whichever is later.

If the availability exceeds the maximum stipulated capacity utilization factor, bidders will be allowed to sell it to any other company, providing KSEBL with the first right of refusal. If KSEBL acquires extra generation, it will pay 75% of the PPA tariff.

If the winning bidder is a trader or a distribution licensee with long-term access (LTA), the successful bidder will apply for open access on behalf of KSEBL, otherwise, KSEBL will apply for open access. In such circumstances, KSEBL shall repay any payments owed to the state load dispatch center within 3 working days of receiving the bill. A late payment fee of 15% per year will be applied.

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