LONGi Signs 1 GW Accumulated Orders in Bangladesh


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LONGi recently held customer appreciation ceremonies in Dhaka on the 8th, 9th, and 12th of June 2022 and accumulatively signed 1 GW of orders at these events for C&I and IPPs by Desh Energy Ltd., Sundrop Power, and other existing Power producers along with Omera Solar, Walton Hi-tech PLC, Beximco Textile, Edison Power, Solar Power and Novelty Energy of C&I sectors. These ceremonies aim to enhance the strategic partnership, seek green development, and help Bangladesh accelerate the realization of its renewable energy goals. At the ceremony, Mr. Qing LI, Vice president of the APAC region and general manager of the Southeast Asia Representative Office, provided a presentation about LONGi and its development history and achievement in Bangladesh. 


Desh Energy, Sundrop Power, PDL-Greene, and other companies from IPP and utility sectors, Walton, Edison Power from C&I sectors, and LONGi’s EPC partners Omera Renewable Energy Ltd., Novelty Energy Ltd., and Solar Power Limited joined this event.

Bangladesh is a typical South Asian country that enjoys up to 1600 hours of sunshine per year. Despite the hot and humid environment in Bangladesh, LONGi’s Hi-MO 5 modules can not only ensure product quality and performance in an all-around way but also minimize land use and ensure the smooth operation of the power station with the highest output to achieve maximal electricity production. Up to date, all the utility projects in Bangladesh are using LONGi’s Hi-MO 5 series. 

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Under the mission of “Utilizing Solar Energy, Building a Green World”, LONGi is committed to promoting the global clean energy transition. Over the past years, the installation of high-efficiency LONGi modules not only optimizes the local energy utilization structure but also fulfills its commitment to providing sustainable and clean energy to the world with practical actions. LONGi modules have been applied under local milestone scenarios. 

In 2020, LONGi provided PV modules for the 73MW Mymensingh solar power plant. In 2021, LONGi delivered modules again for the 134.3MW Mongla solar power plant, a refreshing record for the largest local PV power station for two consecutive years. In October 2021, LONGi signed a 280MW ground-mounted PV power station with Beximco, the largest local consortium, another important milestone for LONGi to support Bangladesh in achieving its renewable energy goals. The project is expected to be connected to the grid by mid-2022. 

Mr. Mosharaf, CEO of Desh Energy, said: “We are very glad to have LONGi as the project partner. Among all the module brands, we always choose LONGi and LONGi has never failed to realize our expectations with its high quality, excellent performance, technical support, on-time delivery, and rapid response. “ 

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Mr. Masudur Rahim, CEO of the Omera Renewable Energy Ltd., said “LONGi is the most reliable strategic partner of Omera and I am very sure of becoming the leading EPC company in Bangladesh by working together with LONGi.”

Mr. Jakaria Shahid, Managing Director of Edison Group, said “Edision Group is proud to be a strategic partner of LONGi, and looking forward to the dedicated long-term partnership and cooperation in renewable industries to achieve zero-carbon society and make a contribution to achieving RE goal for Bangladesh.”   

Mr. Qing LI said ” As a leading pioneer in the Bangladeshi market, LONGi’s low-carbon footprint will continue to expand in this country and help the country reach its renewable goal and boost the green economy. Meanwhile, LONGi will continue promoting and seeking to accelerate the global energy transition with innovative solar products, and work hard to realize the dream of a carbon-negative planet as soon as possible.” 

These 3 days events were conducted by Mr. Brian Yu, Regional Director of SEA, LONGi Solar, and MM Ahsan Huda, Country Manager Bangladesh for LONGi Solar. 

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