Uttar Pradesh Gets Investment Proposals in Clean Energy worth Rs. 4782 Crore

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Uttar Pradesh’s energy transition, which aims to create a cleaner environment is on the rise with strong support from major investors in renewable energy sources. This is evident in investment proposals in Clean Energy at the GBC3 (third ground breaking ceremony) worth Rs 4782 crore.


Uttar Pradesh is a top investment destination for renewables. It creates an environment for sustainable and green energy development.


Jalaun is the most invested project in the category of projects exceeding Rs 500 crore. It has 2 solar plants located at Orai villages by the hydroelectric power generation company SJVN Ltd. The total investment amount to Jalaun is Rs 791 crore. SJVN has three Solar Power Projects implemented in Uttar Pradesh. This investment amounts to Rs 1000 crore. Their third Solar Power Project, which is located in Kanpur, is the second of two projects in Jalaun.


AMP Energy invests between Rs 500 crores and 200 crores in projects in the districts Ballia, Mau and Mau. In districts Sitapur and Sitapur as well as in Sitapur, Sitapur and Banda, Fatehpur.

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Projects between Rs 200 crores and Rs 10 crore. Jalaun, where SAEL Limited has invested Rs 170 crores, is the largest investment. Badaun, where Hindustan Petroleum corporation Limited is investing Rs 125 crores, is second.

The government is working to replace traditional energy sources such as hydrocarbon-based energy, with green energy sources such as solar, wind and green hydrogen.

As part of its efforts to increase the output from green energy sources and meet state energy requirements, the UP government has set up infrastructure for transmitting electricity from renewable energy projects. In the next few years, large-scale investments will be made in the renewable energy sector.

The PM-KUSUM scheme also offers innovative solutions, such as the construction of solar power plants on barren ground, the installation of solar pumps for farmers and the solarisation of existing pumps. This is all in the pursuit of energy security for the agricultural sector.

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