Husk Launches Sunshot Initiative to Deploy 500 Solar Micro-Grids in Nigeria

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Clean energy solution provider, Husk Power Systems, is launching a new electrification program in Nigeria. The company has announced the program named ‘Nigeria Sunshot Initiative’, which is expected to reach 2 million people via solar micro-grid solutions over the next four years.


Husk is accelerating its steps to promote clean energy access in Africa. The Sunshot program will enable the deployment of 500 solar-powered micro-grids across Nigeria. These micro-grid installations are expected to connect around 400,000 households to the electricity grid.

Micro and mini-grids are among the solutions favored by Nigeria to accelerate electrification in rural and peri-urban areas. According to the Nigerian government data, solar micro-grid represents the least-cost technology for additional connections of 8.9 million out of 19.8 million that is needed for achieving universal electrification in the country.

The Sunshot initiative will enable Husk to provide about 5% of the required micro-grid connections in Nigeria, impacting nearly 1% population of the country. According to Husk, the Sunshot program is also expected to provide clean energy solutions for 8,000 businesses, 700 public clinics, 200 private hospitals, and 100 schools. 

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The mini and micro solar PV plants with battery storage systems are easy to set up and connected to small distribution networks expeditiously. These solar energy solutions are relatively inexpensive compared to diesel generators which result in immense CO2 emissions with a negative impact on the environment. The Sunshot initiative would help to replace 25,000 diesel and gasoline generators in Nigeria.

Olu Aruike, the Country Manager of Husk Nigeria, said, “With over 90 million Nigerians living without access to electricity, Sunshot is a concrete demonstration that the microgrid industry is ready to scale up, and drive economic growth in rural areas with a resilient and carbon-neutral solution.”

By the end of 2021, Husk Power System became the first renewable energy provider to commission multiple solar micro-grids at once in Nigeria. Under the Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP) implemented by the Rural Electrification Agency (REA), Husk has installed 6 solar mini-grids with a combined capacity of 300 kW. The company also plans to commission 22 mini-grids in this West African country by the end of this year.

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Besides its presence in Nigeria and Tanzania, Husk also plans to enter multiple new markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. The solar energy solutions provider has committed to building 5,000 micro-grids by 2030 in a 2022 UN-Energy Compact.

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