Businesses Install Solar Power In Vietnam, Aims For A Green Brand

Businesses install solar power, aiming for a green brand image.

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Using clean energy is gradually becoming an urgent need for businesses. In particular, solar power is considered an effective solution, helping businesses to rationally exploit solar power sources to save electricity, reduce production costs, raise the green brand and accompany them. The government aims to reduce net emissions to “zero” Net Zero by 2050.


In addition, consumers today also tend to use and are willing to pay more for products that meet green – clean and environmentally friendly standards. Therefore, many businesses want to invest in installing solar power to achieve the I-REC international renewable energy certificate, proving the “green” origin of used electricity and easily participating in the chain. global supply. Currently, Vietnamese enterprises have many flexible forms of solar power investment, including self-financing to install for on-site consumption or participating in the ESCO model to install solar power completely free of charge.

Recently at the Vietnam Industry and Manufacturing Exhibition (VIMF 2022) taking place from June 8 to 10, 2022 at the World Trade Center in Binh Duong New City, Dat Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited products and solutions for optimal automation and control performance of Siemens, INVT and renewable energy solutions such as Grid-connected solar power, Sokoyo solar lighting, battery systems Pylontech Lithium power storage, INVT UPS, ESCO solutions… help businesses improve efficiency, save energy effectively. In, ESCO investment solutions to install solar power without capital are interested and researched by many businesses participating in the event.

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In addition, on June 22, 2022, DAT Solar (a member brand of DAT) also participated in the Seminar “Rooftop solar power for businesses: Needs, benefits and development solutions” by the Magazine Business Forum in collaboration with Vietnam Clean Energy Association (VCEA) and VCCI organized. The seminar is a bridge, a place to share, discuss and gather recommendations of leading renewable energy companies to help solve difficulties and offer solutions to promote the development of electric power models. Solar roofs in commerce and industry.

Accordingly, Mr Bui Viet Phuong – Head of Energy Product Marketing Department represented DAT Solar to present and discuss the topic “Installing solar power without capital, saving up to 30% of electricity bills thanks to DAT Solar ESCO”. help manufacturing enterprises have a flexible investment model, high economic efficiency and achieve sustainable green energy certification.

Not only in Vietnam, ESCO has been successfully applied by many countries around the world, helping to maximize energy and cost savings. ESCO solution is a solar power investment model suitable for businesses that own roofs of warehouses, idle factories with an area of ​​5,000 m2 or more, with a power consumption of more than 500 million VND/month and want to install solar power to serve production and business.

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When participating in ESCO, businesses will be installed a solar power system completely free of charge. Every month, businesses only need to pay electricity bills to financial partners with prices lower than EVN by 30%. At the end of the contract, the enterprise has the right to inherit the system and continue to use solar power for free, saving billions of dong on electricity each year.

In addition, when installing rooftop solar power, the system will cool the roof of the factory, reducing the temperature by about 5°C. At the same time, businesses can build a green brand image, and achieve I-REC renewable energy certification.

Up to now, DAT Solar has cooperated with prestigious financial partner GreenYellow Vietnam and is conducting cooperation procedures with other investment funds to implement many large-scale ESCO projects for businesses and factories. production, trade centers… all over the country. With more than 16 years of experience and a comprehensive ecosystem, DAT Solar has provided and deployed more than 10,000 solar power systems with a total capacity of more than 700 MWp, helping Vietnamese businesses successfully apply solar power in production and business, achieve high efficiency, output, maximize profits for large projects.

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Businesses that want to increase their competitive advantage, aim for a green brand image, achieve I-REC certification and own a solar power system without capital, join the ESCO model with DAT Solar.

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