Siam Yamato Steel Signs An Agreement With The Provincial Electricity Authority For Managing A Solar PV System

Siam Yamato Steel (SYS) signs an agreement with the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) for managing a solar PV system for generating electric power.

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Siam Yamato Steel (SYS) signs an agreement with the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) for managing a solar PV system for generating electric power.


PEA in the presence of Mr Sompong Dumrongongtragool, Deputy Governor of Business and Marketing and SYS, in the presence of Mr Jaydsada Plungmanee, Managing Director of the company for power generation using a Floating solar PV System.


Witness to the contract signing at Huai Pong Factory, Siam Yamato Steel Company Limited was Mr Weerapong Dungpiboon as Assistant Director of Map Ta Phut Industrial Port.

The Electric Power Management by Floating solar PV system is a joint venture between PEA and IEAT with the goal of increasing energy efficiency in the industrial sector.

The contract stipulates that PEA will install a floating solar PV power generator at the Smart Park Industrial Estate in Rayong Province.

IEAT selected SYS factories in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, and WHA Eastern Industrial Estate to participate in a pilot project that combines electric power generation technology with power measurement from renewable energy.

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The cost-effective solution not only increases electric power efficiency but also reduces manufacturing costs and drives environmental improvement and sustainable energy management while using renewable energy.

“The PEA will be responsible for the survey, design, installation and maintenance of the Floating Solar power generators in the IEAT reservoir area with at least 11,984 kilowatts (kWp) capacity throughout the duration of the contract. This project utilises a digital platform to manage energy in the industrial sector and markedly reduces electricity cost consistent with IEAT’s core Green Heart, community-friendly and sustainable ecosystem support policy,” revealed Mr Sompong.

“SYS is proud to be selected as the first company in the industrial estate to participate in this project. SYS factories use electricity as the main power supply for producing structural steel products to domestic and international standards. As such, efficient electric power management is crucial while at the same time replacing fossil fuels with renewable energies,” commented Mr Jaydsada Plungmanee, Managing Director, Siam Yamato Steel Co., Ltd., (SYS).

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“This floating solar project offers clean energy power generation that helps reduce depletion of the world’s limited resources. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and manufacturing costs. This is all in line with Siam Yamato’s policy of harmonising with sustainable resources and energy consumption, thereby reaffirming its business philosophy of being a Thai steel manufacturer with Green Heart.”

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