ARAS Medical Devices & Equipments Co LLC Switches To Solar Energy With SirajPower


The Turnkey Medical-Healthcare Builders & Solution Provider for Medical Laboratory Gas Engineering Infrastructural Biomedical Engineering, Aras Medical Devices & Equipment Co. LLC, sign a solar lease agreement with SirajPower the UAE’s locally owned and leading distributed solar energy provider, for a 637kWp solar rooftop system for its manufacturing facility in Dubai Industrial City.


ARAS MEDICAL DEVICES & EQUIPMENTS CO LLC’s solar system will be fully financed, designed, constructed, operated & maintained by SirajPower for its lifetime.


Under optimal conditions, the solar rooftop installation is expected to generate a solar energy output of 1.10 GWh. The 637 kWp solar plant system will reduce nearly 0.476 metric tons of co2, which is equivalent to charging about 57,884 smartphones.


SirajPower is committed to providing renewable energy to various businesses across all sectors via its fully integrated energy power solutions.

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