South Batinah Governorate Of Oman To Build Solar-Powered Model Kiosks

MNRE Issues Clarification on Applicability of CFA for Solar Rooftop Programme Ph-II Under VNM Arrangement

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South Batinah Governorate, Oman has initiated a project to build solar-powered model kiosks. Construction is already underway to place a few kiosks in Rustaq. There will be 55 kiosks distributed throughout the governorate.


“This is part of the efforts made in South Batinah by its municipality to develop and enhance municipal services in all Wilayats,’ said a municipal statement.

Recently, TotalEnergies and Veolia have signed an agreement to start the construction of the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) system providing power for a desalination plant in Oman, in the city of Sur.

The power plant will be located on the site of the Sharqiyah Desalination plant, which is a reference in Oman and in the Gulf region, supplying drinking water to more than 600,000 inhabitants of the Sharqiyah region.

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