Vietnam Government To Study Regulations, Policies, Technology And Finance For Solar Power Projects In The Country


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The Government Office sent to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to study and consider the recommendations of the Vietnam Energy Journal on “the regulations, policies, technology and finance for wind power, solar power and gas power projects in Vietnam”.


Previously, Vietnam Energy Magazine was sent to the Prime Minister, Head of the Central Economic Commission, and the Minister of Industry and Trade to report the results of the ” Performance”. The second Vietnam Clean Energy Forum – Towards carbon neutrality – Mechanisms, policies, technology and finance for wind power, solar power, and gas power projects” and some proposals and recommendations.

After analyzing the presentations of state management agencies, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign enterprises and consulting agencies, experts. Scientific Council of Energy Magazine The quality of Vietnam has some suggestions and recommendations as follows:

In order to develop renewable energy well, it is necessary to strengthen the upgrading and construction of new transmission systems with the contribution of private investment. Therefore, it is urgently recommended to have clear and long-term mechanisms and policies for the private sector to participate in the construction of the power transmission grid.

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After the expiration of the FIT mechanism, many businesses continue to complete solar and wind power projects. It is recommended to have a new price mechanism with stable, non-broken and predictable nature so that investors can see the possibility of payback and continue to invest. Currently, the electricity purchase price in the draft post-FIT mechanism is too short, so credit institutions have difficulty calculating investment efficiency.

The DPPA direct electricity sale mechanism, which has been drafted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and submitted to the Government, recommends that it be issued soon, both as a solution to encourage electricity production from renewable energy sources in the medium term and as a basis for suitable arrangements in the competitive wholesale electricity market.

There are many opportunities to mobilize international and domestic finance in various forms. But investors and financial institutions also see many risks, including legal ones. Financial mobilization policy recommendations need to be continuous and predictable.

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It is necessary to soon complete and approve the National Marine Spatial Plan so that offshore wind power investors have a basis to develop offshore wind power projects, including green hydrogen fuel production projects.

In Power Planning, it is necessary to take into account that the electricity consumption will increase more because a large number of cars will switch to electricity, before switching to hydrogen fuel cells can be made.

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