Construction Of 20 MW Solar Power Plant In Egypt To Begin By The End Of This Year


The development of a 20-MW solar power plant near Hurghada, Egypt’s Pink Coastline, is progressing, according to a newspaper, citing sources from Egypt’s NREA, New and Renewable Vitality Authority.


The Ministry of Electrical Energy in Egypt has completed a financial and technical feasibility study. A mortgage of USD 85million has been established with JIKA, Japan Worldwide Cooperation Company to help finance the venture.


The obligatory approvals have been obtained and NREA has completed the preparatory work on the location north of Hurghada, where the facility plant will likely be built.


Egypt is close to completing another large-scale photovoltaic project within the Zaafarana area of the Suez Governorate along the Pink Coastline. Based on NREA’s earlier assertion, the 50-MW-scale solar farm is now ready for surfing.

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