India Installs 691.4MW Capacity Of Solar Pumps Till June 30, 2022, Under PM-KUSUM Scheme

KREDL Tenders for 1325 Nos of Solar Pumps Under Component-B of PM-Kusum Scheme

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Under the PM-KUSUM Scheme, through the deployment of standalone solar pumps and the solarization of already existing grid-connected agricultural pumps, India has added a cumulative 691.4MW of solar power to June 30, 2022. 


In addition to the two modes, Haryana which added 246.5 MW and Rajasthan which added 282.6MW were leaders in increasing PV capacity. This information was shared by RK Singh, Power Minister, in the lower parliament.


Under its Component-B, the PM KUSUM Scheme supports farmers in installing solar agriculture pumps with up to 7.5 horsepower to replace existing diesel pumps across off-grid areas.

Individual farmers with grid-connected agricultural pumps can be supported by Component-C to solarize their pumps. The farmer can sell excess solar power to distributor companies at a fixed tariff and use the solar power generated to supply irrigation.

According to an agriculture ministry survey, India has 11.2 million diesel-powered agricultural pumps. The country had installed 123,180 standalone solar pumps as part of Component-B till June 30, 2022. The solar pumps can reduce diesel consumption by 85 million litres per year.

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The nation had 385,000 solar pumps installed in total by June 30, which includes the PM-KUSUM Scheme solar pumps.

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