GAIL Floats Tender For Hiring Consultant For 10 MW Solar Project

Representational image. Credit: Canva

To build up a 10 MW ground-mounted solar power plant at Gas Authority of India Limited’s (GAIL) Vijaipur Complex in the Guna region of Madhya Pradesh, the company has invited bids for the project management consultant (PMC).


The proposals must be submitted by August 24, 2022, which will be opened on the following day.


From the time the project is awarded until all services have been rendered, the chosen consultant will be responsible for project supervision. This covers engineering, design, and procurement (EPC), supervision of the construction,  the creation of tenders, quality control, and project commissioning.


Within 30 days of the award, the chosen consultant must provide contract performance security equal to 3% of the annualized order value.

The consultant must finish the job within 16 months, but if more time is needed, a six-month extension will be granted. The PMC will only be paid 10% of the award value for an additional six months to finish their work if the work cannot be completed within the extended schedule of 22 months (16 months + 6 months).

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The bidders must have finished at least one work order for system tendering, design, engineering, and construction management for a 5 MW or more solar project in the last 5 years to be eligible to take part in the bidding.

Further, bidders must have had a minimum annual revenue of Rs 14.5 million during one of the prior three fiscal years. Additionally, the preceding financial year’s working capital must have been at least Rs 2.91 million. According to the last financial year’s audited financial statement, they must have a positive net worth.

The bidders may provide a letter from their bank, with a net worth of at least Rs 1 billion, confirming the availability of a line of credit for the required working capital if their working capital is negative or insufficient.

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