Ecoppia’s Hybrid Solutions: Combining the Best Robotic Cleaning Technologies in One Solar Site


    As solar PV projects become more complex and parks expand, Developers need to find diverse and innovative ways to enhance scalability and profitability. While it is a given that to optimize O&M in large-scale solar sites, companies need to turn to automatic solutions, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all sites when it comes to solar module cleaning. As terrain varies within large sites, many projects feature both short and long rows, north/south or east/west panel direction installations, and even a mix of both fixed-tilt and tracker installations in one site. 


    With field experience in 4 continents for almost a decade, Ecoppia understands that no site or client is alike in their needs. Over the years, Ecoppia has developed a range of water-free robotic cleaning solutions that are each developed for different terrains and row layouts. Using technology that guarantees effective, reliable, and smart cleaning, Ecoppia helps solar sites maximize energy production while minimizing the O&M costs per MW. 


    Included in Ecoppia’s range of autonomous robotic cleaning solutions is the E4, suited for fixed-tilt panels, the lightweight T4, which was designed specifically for trackers, and the H4 – the latest solution which is ideal for long rows and uneven terrains among its other features. With a range of solutions that focus on reliability and safety, Ecoppia can customize its offering for large-scale projects, providing different solutions for different sections of a single site. 

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    Ecoppia’s T4 robotic solution for Single-axis trackers

    Going beyond robotic solar cleaning solutions, Ecoppia also offers an AI solution that makes remote management easy and intuitive with a single interface featuring thorough performance analytics. Taking advantage of all the thousands of data points Ecoppia’s robots collect onsite, site managers can engage with the AI-powered platform to use predictive maintenance. This allows maintenance windows to be planned ahead of time, instead of reacting to breakdowns or faults after the fact, providing a cost-effective solution for services and general maintenance.

    As an example of a hybrid project, recently Ecoppia announced a project with Azure Power, a leading renewable power producer in India with a portfolio of over 7 GWs. Ecoppia was able to customize the robotic solar cleaning solutions for the site by offering its full product suite, including the E4, T4 and H4 – each able to solve different challenges on the site. Thanks to the tailor-made offering, Azure Power has been able to access cost-effective solutions. 

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    Ecoppia’s H4 cleaning robotic solution with Helix Technology

    As solar projects grow in complexity, site owners recognize that they need to adopt innovative approaches to automating O&M to help them stay ahead of the game. Being able to access multiple cleaning technologies in one site via customized hybrid offerings, is an effective way to address the challenges of cleaning diverse row layouts and panel direction installations, ensuring site owners continue to enjoy high levels of energy output in their solar projects.

    About Ecoppia

    For nearly a decade, and with over 16GW of agreements, Ecoppia is the pioneer and world leader in robotic cleaning solutions for PV, offering a cloud-based platform and a suite of advanced, fully autonomous robots cost-effectively maximizing the performance of utility-scale PV sites all over the world. Remotely managed and controlled, the Ecoppia platform allows solar sites to maintain peak performance with minimal costs and human intervention.

    Ecoppia in numbers

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