LONGi Provides 9MWp PV Modules To Pekat Solar At Proton Malaysia

LONGi Provides 9MWp PV Modules to Pekat Solar at Proton Malaysia

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LONGi, the world leading solar technology company headquartered in Xi’an, China, has supplied Pekat Solar with 9MWp high-efficiency solar modules. The project is invested and owned by MFP Solar and executed by Pekat Solar, a leading solar investor & EPC in Malaysia.


The 9MWp project is installed at Proton Tanjung Malim car manufacturing plant, it is now the largest car canopy in Malaysia. Covering a land area of 23.4 acres, Proton’s motor pool car park provides parking spaces for 2,880 cars and is used as a transit point for cars produced at Tanjung Malim prior to being distributed to dealers and outlets nationwide.

As the project investor, MFP Solar provided a CAPEX-free solution for Proton to save on their utility payments and enhance its low-carbon image for corporates.

LONGi provided its Hi-MO 4 bifacial modules to the project, the system is expected to generate up to 25% of the power consumption at its plant, reducing around 11 tons of carbon emissions per year.

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Mr Goh Chin san, Director of MFP Solar commented: “We are proud to complete such a landmark project in Malaysia, and happy to see a conglomerate like Proton values solar PV, the decreasing cost of solar energy generated is providing a sound investment opportunity for commercial and industrial owners in the region.”

“We are happy to have cooperated with Pekat Solar in achieving a remarkable project.” Dennis She, Vice President at LONGi Group, commented,” LONGi aims to provide high-efficiency products to help corporates fulfil their low-carbon commitments, and continue to provide great value for partners around the globe.”

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