Tripura Tops North Eastern States in Use of Solar Energy


Tripura is one of the most successful states in India to tap renewable energy sources and to encourage rural and marginalised households from converting to alternative energy.


Tripura has been recognized by the Association of Renewable Energy Agencies of States (AREAS) for having installed the most solar irrigation pumps in northeastern states, and also achieved the second highest amount of solar power installed. On August 27, the association will present the state with its 8th anniversary award in Cochin.


The Tripura Renewable Energy Development Agency (TREDA) has been named the most efficient state nodal agency of the northeast. Officials said that TREDA already has a 2KW microgrid energy plant in 12 remote hamlets in Tripura. This power plant lit up the villages last September and will soon be used to power another 68 villages.


Jishnu Dev Varma, deputy CM holding the power and science & tech portfolio, welcomed the success of TREDA and stated that his government was committed to reducing dependence on traditional energy sources and meeting the Centre’s targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is part of India’s climate change mitigation strategy.

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Dev Varma stated that “not only Tripura, but many other such hamlets in India are without electricity. For which Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an international solar mission.”

He stated that another 500 remote Tripura locations have been identified to install solar microgrids in order to provide electricity for those still without it. Under the Grameen Bazar Alok Jyoti Scheme, the government has an ambitious plan to illuminate remote tribal hamlets’ markets and roads with solar power.

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