The DoE In Abu Dhabi And Israeli Ambassador To The UAE Discusses Cooperation In Renewable And Clean Energy


Undersecretary of the Department of Energy, H.E. Eng. Ahmed Mohammed Belajer Al Rumaithi and the Ambassador of Israel to the United Arab Emirates, His Excellency Amir Hayek to discuss cooperation and development in renewable and clean energy between both countries. 


Al Rumaithi stressed the importance of building partnerships in cooperation in different energy sectors, including water, electricity and wastewater treatment. He also pointed out that there are many opportunities for mutual interest in the energy sector. This would create new opportunities for cooperation between the countries in many fields, including renewable energy and water desalination technologies like reverse osmosis. Also, as the production, transport and storage of low-carbon hydrocarbon hydrogen, demand-side management and advanced irrigation technologies.


Ambassador was shown the Department of Energy’s scope of work and the areas it seeks to expand through its strategic initiatives. The future outlook for the electricity and water sectors in Abu Dhabi was presented by a DoE representative. Also, the growing dependence on clean energy in Abu Dhabi’s energy mix was highlighted. Representatives also discussed the water production cycle within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the regulatory policy and framework for the hydrogen industry. This is something that DoE is currently working on with a variety of private and public entities.

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This meeting provided an opportunity for the review of a variety of proposals regarding future areas of cooperation between Israel’s relevant authorities and the department. Al Rumaithi stated that Abu Dhabi’s energy sector has made significant strides in diversifying its energy mix over the past decade, particularly after the openings of Noor Abu Dhabi Solar Power Plant and Shams 1 Concentrated Solar Power Plant. Also, the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant was opened. Both countries can benefit from the cooperation that clean energy and water offer, thereby achieving a carbon-neutral future.

H.E. Hayek stated that Israel is open to cooperation with the UAE in a variety of fields. He cited the energy sector as a key area through which they can help combat climate change, secure energy supplies and reduce dependence on energy sources that produce harmful carbon emissions.

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