Iran’s Rooftop Solar Capacity Grew By 20MW Between April 2021 To March 2022

MNRE Issues Notification for Extension of Phase II of Residential Rooftop Solar Program Until March 31, 2026

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According to Iran’s Energy Ministry, the renewable department (SATBA), the capacity for electricity generation from rooftop solar panels has increased by 20 megawatts in the year that ended March.


Mahmoud Kamani, Head of SATBA, stated that the increase was a major achievement for Iran. He also stressed that Iran is still in its initial stages of expanding its rooftop market.

Kamani stated that the total rooftop solar capacity of Iran’s household sector has reached 90 MW. This means that approximately 8,000 households can generate between 5 to 20 kilowatts an hour of electricity.

Iran has taken various measures to encourage rooftop solar panels in homes, including low-interest loans and a program to buy back solar panels. This program assigns international prices to solar panels rather than the heavily subsidised prices that are applied to the national power grid.

The Energy Ministry plans to install around 650 MW of rooftop solar panels by the year 2025. This includes 550 MW capacity for homes in the poorer areas of the country.

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This scheme is intended to empower the poorest households through monthly payments as part of the government’s electricity purchase back program.

The rooftop solar sector expansion is part of larger plans to increase Iran’s total renewable power by 10,000 MW in the next three years.

This is because renewables account for less than 1% of the total electricity generation capacity of Iran, which exceeds 87,000 MW.

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