TrinaTracker Vanguard 1P

    TrinaTracker Vanguard 1P

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    TrinaTracker, a business unit of Trina Solar Ltd. (SHA:688599), is a global solar tracker solutions leader focused on providing “state-of-the-art” designs tailor-made to terrain characteristics and weather conditions. TrinaTracker is entirely focused on quality and innovation to provide its clients with high-technology solutions that achieve the highest energy yield, lowest BOS costs and LCOE.


    TrinaTracker Vanguard 1P is a 1-in-portrait independent tracker with high flexibility to various complex terrains. Vanguard 1P adopts the 1P single-row design and includes technology advantages that guarantee higher reliability, more significant power generation, optimised balance of system (BOS) cost and enhanced adaptability.

    The Vanguard 1P series is fully compatible with ultra-high power modules ranging from 400W to 670W+, further enriches the tracker’s application scenarios and upgrades TrinaTracker solutions. An exquisite combination of technology and quality, the Vanguard 1P is developed by an experienced international R&D team to meet market demands in all application scenarios.

    Key features of the TrinaTracker Vanguard 1P include:

    1. 130mm large R corner square beam structure to ensure structural safety
    2. Bilateral damper system that improves system rigidity and stability
    3. Patent spherical bearings technology increases terrain adaptability and relieves structural stress and acclimates to other terrain changes
    4. A comprehensive wind tunnel test performed by CPP
    5. Trina’s self-developed smart controller system provides multiple communication methods, power supply modes, grid connections and extreme weather protection strategies which improve system stability and multi-scenario adaptability
    6. SuperTrack tracking technology that increases power generation by 3-8%; The patented SuperTrack is featured with two algorithms, among which, the Smart Tracking Algorithm is used to optimise energy production in high diffuse irradiance weather conditions, while the Smart Backtracking Algorithm optimises energy yield when shading is caused by the installation of arrays in irregular terrains
    7. Intelligent cleaning robot solution to ensure maximum energy yield
    8. Trina Smart Cloud tracking solution provides smart O&M with remote monitoring and control, forecast components performance and recommendations to reduce costs and increase efficiency
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    With Vanguard 1P, TrinaTracker once again proves that its core DNA is characterised to be pioneering in quality and novelty. The company continuously focuses on offering high-technology solutions that achieve the highest energy yield, the lowest balance of system (BOS) costs, and levelized costs for its clients. TrinaTracker is the only company in the solar market that offers modules, trackers and intelligent monitoring from a single source. More information about the TrinaTracker Vanguard 1P can be found on

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