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Dubai Plans To Invest Dh40 Billion More In Clean Energy Generation


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Dubai has already invested over Dh40 billion in renewable energy. A senior official says that Dubai will continue to invest and will invest around Dh40 billion more in clean energy generation in the future.


Secretary-General of Dubai Supreme Council of Energy Ahmed Buti Al Muhairbi engaged in a fireside conversation on Dubai’s net-zero strategy. This was the second day of the World Green Economy Summit. There were several panel discussions that mainly focused on motivating youth to take part in climate action and achieving net-zero.

During a discussion, Secretary-General of Dubai Supreme Council of Energy Ahmed Buti Al Muhairbi, said, “The hydrocarbon and gas sector will continue to play an important role. The key factor that will ensure effective clean energy security and supply, is a transition from conventional sources of energy to renewables.”

Al Muhairbi spoke out about the successes in the private sector, and the importance of the council’s participation in public-private partnerships. He also spoke about the IPP projects with nearly 5,000 projects.

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Noor Alkhulaif, Minister of Sustainable Development, Bahrain emphasized the efforts made in Bahrain to reach the goal of a cleaner future. There were many steps to be taken, but Bahrain has made sure that integrated steps are taken and collaboration is maintained between various ministries. She stressed that all sustainable development goals are considered within the framework of each ministry and government. This is to ensure a coordinated approach.

Omnia El Omrani, President Youth Envoy, COP 27 stressed the importance of the WGEO’s initiatives in encouraging youth engagement. To accelerate the transition towards a green economy, it is important to have solid structures that allow youth to participate and voice their opinions.

The landmark UAE-UK Clean Hydrogen Study was launched during the summit in conjunction with WGEO.

Dragon Oil, CEO, Ali Al Jarwan spoke out about how to reach zero carbon emissions and transition to clean energy. He said that it is difficult but possible. The UAE has been a great success story in clean energy.

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He stressed that the energy needed to operate factories and other machinery should not be interrupted while also being responsible for gas emissions and finding avenues of zero emissions.

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