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Immense Potential for Solar, Geothermal, Green Hydrogen in Ladakh, Says L-G Mathur

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R K Mathur, Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, stated that the Ladakh region is rich in solar, geothermal, and green hydrogen energy.


Mathur addressed the Agni Campaign’s first conference in Leh, October 7. He spoke on the topic of “Sustainability & Culture”. A statement stated that Mathur suggested that Ladakh work towards creating systems to supply power to remote areas.

It is the goal to provide renewable solar power in Ladakh from decentralised sources, thus reducing grid dependence. He stated that this is in keeping with the Prime Minister’s vision of a Carbon Neutral Ladakh.

He further stated that geothermal energy was another area of interest which has immense potential for the Ladakh region.

He suggested that unlike other renewable energy sources which are intermittent, it can be used throughout the year, and should therefore be harnessed.

He also noted that Green Hydrogen could also be an option in Ladakh as it has plenty of solar power. Hydrogen from the region’s water could be used to replace petrol and diesel, and that oxygen could be used in hospitals as well as by tourists, he said.

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