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    Insolation Energy Ltd. Commenced Its Production With A 60 MW Capacity In 2017 And Is Adding Another 500 MW Line To Its Current Capacity Of 200 MW So As To Have 700 MW Capacity By The End Of This Year


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    The Indian Government is working toward its vision of becoming one of the largest solar energy producers & component manufacturers by 2030. In the Union Budget 2022-23, the government allocated Rs. 19,500 crores (US$ 2.57 billion) for a PLI scheme to boost the manufacturing of high-efficiency solar modules/ solar cells etc; a strong indicator that India is targeting solar power as a primary source of energy.


    Today India has a module manufacturing capacity of approx 20GW and to achieve the target of 280 GW by 2030 they need to work towards 27GW+ per year. Many companies are moving in this direction by increasing their solar power generating capacities while another important segment solar module manufacturing is also expanding its capacity in a big way.

    Today, we have Insolation Energy Ltd, one of the leading Companies which manufacture high-efficiency solar modules and have an aspiration to grow from current levels. Insolation Energy Limited is a Jaipur-based company engaged in manufacturing high-efficiency modules of various sizes catering to multiple applications from KW to MW scales. The management is focused on the government’s “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” initiative and is taking the required steps to achieve the same.

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    The Company commenced its production with a 60 MW capacity in 2017 which gradually increased to 200 MW in 2021. Today solar panels contribute 90% of its total revenues while the remaining 10% is contributed by trading in other solar power components as well as contract manufacturing for other big players. The company is expanding its capacity from 200 MW to 700 MW by adding 500 MW through a subsidiary company by FY23 backed by strong and rising demand for solar panels.

    The company is growing and would need funds for its rising working capital requirements. In view of achieving the 2030 vision, the company management has decided to enter into the primary market with the launch of its IPO to raise funds to the tune of Rs 22 crore. The Company reported revenues of Rs 215.32 crore and a net profit of Rs 6.92 crore for FY22. As an established player, the company would like to take the first-mover advantage by entering the primary equity market. The entry at the right time in the primary market will enable it to enhance its valuation as a BSE SME-listed company.

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