The Cook Stove Story: A Community Upliftment Program By EKI Energy Services Ltd. (EKI)


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    Today, 3 billion people globally continue to still use polluting biomass fuels for their everyday cooking. People use inefficient traditional mud or three stone fire cookstoves, which consume a lot of polluting biomass fuels resulting in occupational lung diseases and even deaths. There are over 4 million deaths per year from lung diseases due to smoke emissions, 12% of these are infants.


    In addition, villagers living in remote locations need to walk endless kilometers every day just to bring back a pile of wood to make a family meal. They tread afar and often to unsafe zones like forest covers or across deep rivers which come with added risks of animal attacks, safety, water current in rivers, etc amongst others.

    Traditional mud cook stoves are only 8-10% efficient. 30-35% of firewood is wasted resulting in fuel loss due to partial combustion of wood.

    EKI’s Green Cooking initiative

    EKI Energy Services Ltd (EKI) – a climate expert with a deep focus on community development and upliftment understood this need gap early on and decided to find a solution. The company launched the Green Cooking initiative in 2018 under its sustainable initiatives with an aim to provide improved cook stoves (ICS) absolutely free of cost to economically weaker households globally empowering their kitchens with a cleaner, healthier, safer and efficient cooking solution.

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    The improved cook stoves help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases with the reduction in the use of carbon-intensive fuel – firewood. The efficient stoves also enhance the economic well-being of villagers as they save on cooking time and recurring fuel expenditure which can now be used for essentials like education, increased food options or even income generation.

    Each improved cook stove provided by EKI is 30% more efficient than traditional mud/three stone fire cook stoves and helps prevent up to 4000kg of CO2 emissions per year. Additionally, it enables a 45-55% reduction in the consumption of firewood as fuel, enabling villagers to save the precious time spent on collecting firewood. They can now also save on cooking time given the increased time as well as fuel-efficient qualities of the cook stoves.

    The green cooking initiative also aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN with its added benefits of reduction of deforestation, reduction of environmental pollution, biodiversity conservation, health benefits to villagers and generation of employment.

    Backward integration of carbon credit supply chain

    The green cooking initiative enables the generation of carbon credit as each cook stove helps mitigate carbon emissions while also reducing the wastage of firewood. Every household using an improved cook stove reduces their smoke emissions by up to 30% to 40% reducing the health risk of every member in the household especially that of the person cooking food.

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    Early this year, EKI also established an associate – GHG Reductions Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for strengthening the backward integration of the carbon credit supply chain and for the end-to-end management of the green cooking initiative starting from manufacturing to the distribution of the improved cook stoves. In April of this year, the associate commenced operations of its 27000 sq feet state-of-the-art plant in Nashik, Maharashtra, with a plan to scale its manufacturing capacity to 3 million cookstoves per year and as of date, it has achieved this scale within a short span of time.

    Climate Action through cook stoves

    As the improved cook stoves reduce emission levels, they significantly contribute to making the planet greener even as homes in rural villages are empowered with a safer kitchen. Since its launch, EKI has helped over 1,50,000 homes to transition to efficient cooking. EKI’s improved cook stoves have reduced carbon emissions significantly with lesser smoke levels and offset them through the carbon credits generated thereof. The emission reduction/offset continues to increase every day as the manufacturing of the cook stoves commences in full swing and in the next 5 years, EKI will have reduced 10 million tonnes of emissions from the atmosphere.

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    This will only pick pace from here as the company continues to increasingly drive its focus to stride the planet to a future that is greener and healthier. The green cooking initiative is a strategic project in this direction, through which, EKI has also provided employment opportunities to over 1000 people (directly & indirectly).

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