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Samaiden Group Berhad Partners With Thingnario Ltd To Explore AI System To Support Samaiden’s RE Businesses In Malaysia

A file photo of Samaiden Group Berhad Partners With Thingnario Ltd To Explore AI System To Support Samaiden's RE Businesses In Malaysia

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Samaiden Group Bhd has entered into a partnership agreement with Thingnario Ltd in order to explore opportunities for telemetry monitoring AI-based solutions for current and future businesses.


The company stated that its wholly-owned subsidiary Samaiden Sdn Bhd was exploring the AI system to support Samaiden’s energy efficiency and renewable energy businesses within Malaysia.

SSB will be responsible for sourcing, liaising, market expansion, and securing potential clients’ projects under the partnership.

Thingnario will continue to provide support for a telemetry monitoring system that supports the operation and maintenance of energy efficiency and solar photovoltaic businesses.

According to the filing, Thingnario, an AI-based system provider, is located in Taipei in Taiwan. It owns the “Photon”, the intelligent solar monitoring system. This system has served 3,500 sites and had a combined capacity of 1.5GW in 10 countries by 2022.

Samaiden stated that the partnership would allow the group to diversify its core businesses of engineering, procurement and construction, into other clean-energy businesses by using Thingnario’s expertise in the development of telemetry monitoring tools.

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Chow Pui Hee (group managing director) stated that Samaiden believes that Thingnario’s support can help facilitate this transformation.

Chow stated, “We are very optimistic that our customers can receive effective and efficient solutions for performance optimization and to improve their return on investment.”

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