Oman To Produce 1 Million Tons Of Green Hydrogen By 2030

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An entirely owned subsidiary of Energy Development Oman SAOC, (EDO) was established by Oman, Hydrom, to help it achieve its goal of becoming one of the leading green hydrogen producers worldwide. It aims to produce one million tons of hydrogen by the year 2030.


Hydrom is a regulatory body under the Ministry of Energy and Minerals. Its mission includes delineating Government-owned land areas and structuring associated large-scale green hydrogen projects. They also manage the process of allocating them to developers. Hydrom facilitates the development of common infrastructure and connected industry industries and hubs in close cooperation with the Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones (Opaz).

Hydrom will open a first public bidding round on November 6 to award the first land blocks for the 2030 production target.

Mazin Al Lamki Chief Executive Officer of Energy Development Oman said, “We are delighted to announce the new brand identity of Hydrom, a fully owned autonomous subsidiary of EDO. Working in tandem with the ambitious government plans, Hydrom will leverage the Sultanate of Oman’s location and abundant solar and wind resources to produce green hydrogen and support the government’s drive to reduce the carbon footprint and achieve decarbonization targets.”

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Dr. Firas Al Abduwani Acting Managing Director of Hydrom said, “We at Hydrom look forward to working with international partners to build the future of energy. The bid round we announced today is the first of its kind globally and we are convinced it will help accelerate the development of the green hydrogen industry in Oman and globally.”

These new and ambitious sustainability initiatives are coming just a few weeks ahead of COP27 in Egypt where Oman will participate.

Earlier, the Minister of Energy and Minerals, Salim Nasser Al Aufi presented the Sultanate of Oman’s new climate commitment and ambitious green hydrogen strategy at a press conference.

Oman has pledged to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050 in accordance with the Paris Agreement’s goals of limiting global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius. His Majesty directed the establishment of the Oman Sustainability Centre to lead the country’s transition to a green economy. This centre will oversee and monitor all aspects of the carbon neutrality program and plans.

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Al Aufi stated that Oman is committed to helping the world decarbonize. Oman’s path to net zero offers the opportunity to increase economic value, improve industrial competitiveness, and attract investment to diversify and strengthen its economy.

Oman’s decarbonization, economic, and energy security goals can be supported by green hydrogen. Oman has the advantage of having a large number of renewable energy resources and the right sector structuring, making it a desirable country to produce green hydrogen at large-scale competitive prices.

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