Rooftop Solar Power Usage To Surge By 9 Times In 2031-32 To Reach 55 BU, Says CEA Survey

Rooftop Solar Power Usage To Surge By 9 Times In 2031-32 To Reach 55 BU, Says CEA Survey

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According to the Central Electricity Authority’s (CEA) most recent Electric Power Survey (EPS), the amount of energy produced by rooftop solar installations is predicted to increase nine times from 6 billion units (BU) in 2021–2022 to 55.8 BU for the years 2031–2032.


According to the analysis, the amount of electricity drawn from the grid is anticipated to decline proportionally as rooftop solar systems’ installation escalates.

To make the forecast, CEA calculated that 50 GW of rooftop solar power will be deployed in the country by 2031–2022.

The demand for energy would peak in 2031–32 at 366.39 GW, a surge of 45%, from the 2021–22 average of 203.1 GW.

As per the CEA assessment, the sale of electric vehicles (EVs) will increase peak power needs and consumption.

By 2031–2022, it is predicted that battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) would make up 14% of all vehicles on the road. The peak demand created by these BEVs would be 5 GW, and the energy needed to support them would be 27 BU.

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India intends to increase the percentage of installed capacity derived from non-fossil fuel sources to 40% of the total, by the end of the decade.

The report said 50 units of electricity would be needed to produce 1 kilogram of hydrogen and India will create about 10 MMT (million metric tons) of green hydrogen by 2030. 

Thereby, the country would need an additional 250 BU of energy due to the creation of green hydrogen, according to the survey, by 2031-32.

In accordance with the survey, half of the energy required to manufacture green hydrogen is anticipated to be supplied by remote mode, and the other half by co-location method, which is classified as captive power consumption.

According to the report, India’s overall energy needs are expected to increase by 44% to 2,473 BU in 2031–2032, from 1,381 BU in 2021–2022.

The Capacity Utilization Factor (CUF) assumption used by CEA was 17%, whereas consumption based on installed capacity was set at 75%.

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View the Electric Power Survey (EPS) here:

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