SECI Invites RfS for 1200 MW Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects in India


Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited (SECI) has invited a RfS for 1200 MW ISTS-Connected Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects with assured Peak Power supply in India (Tranche-VI). Connectivity and Long-Term Open Access is in the scope of the Hybrid Power Developer


Online bid submissions end date is January 12, 2023 and January 16, 2023 for offline submissions. The bids will open on January 17, 2023.


Bid processing fees is Rs. 5 Lakh + 18% GST for each project from 50 MW up to 99 MW; Rs. 15 Lakh + 18% GST for each Project from 100 MW and above.


EMD amount is INR 12,26,000/- per MW per Project to be submitted in the form of Bank Guarantee/ Payment on Order Instrument along with the response to RfS


This RfS will require the Hybrid Power Developer to establish ISTS-connected Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects and an Energy Storage System (ESS) with the primary goal of supplying Wind-Solar Hybrid Power (as per the RFS/PA). As part of the project, a mandatory ESS with a minimum 100 MWh capacity per 100 MW of project capacity will be installed.

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For more details view the tender document below:

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