Gujarat Urban Development Company Issues Consultancy Tender to Develop 150 MW of Solar Projects


Gujarat Urban Development Company (GUDC), has launched consultancy bids to develop 150 MW of solar energy projects using a captive model.


Bid submissions are due by January 17, 2023. Bids will open on January 25, 2023.


The consultant must analyse the data and make recommendations about the contract demands of each local authority. The consultant must also determine the capacity of the solar project that will be installed using the captive model. This should include the final contract demand for each urban body in the state.


The selected consultant must submit a detailed document that includes a project feasibility report and a procurement model within 120 days after signing the agreement.


According to the tender guidelines, bidders are required to deposit Rs 100,000 as an earnest cash deposit. The successful bidder must also deposit a security deposit equal to 5% of the consultancy fee.

The bidder must have at least 5 MW of experience in the execution of solar projects with a cumulative capacity exceeding 300 MW.

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