Rajasthan Govt Ties Up With Rays Power Infra To Build 1800 MW Solar Park

Rajasthan Govt Ties Up With Rays Power Infra To Build 1800 MW Solar Park

Rays Power Infra announced Monday that it will establish 1,800 MW solar projects, which will require an investment of Rs 9,140 crore.


Rays Power Infra signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Rajasthan government, in the presence of Chief minister Ashok Gehlot, to construct an avant-garde PV Power Station (also known under the name of a solar power plant).


The solar park will produce 1,800 MW of clean energy. It includes two 300 MW projects and one 900 MW project. It informed that the entire project, which is the largest in India, will be worth Rs 9,140 crore.


Director Rays Power Infra Pawan Sharma stated in the statement that “This MoU represents an important step towards an eco-friendly tomorrow and that we are happy to be part of this initiative.” Rays Power Infra President Mayank Sharma stated that “This MoU will serve as a record of our agreement on a common ground and our shared understanding of a common course of action. This MoU will result in an environment that is welcoming to investors, a market that is always expanding, and growth opportunities that allow for healthy competition among various enterprises to advance Rajasthan’s economic stature.” Rays Power Infra is one of the leading solar power players in the country with a commissioned portfolio of 1.30 GWp.

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The company initiated the development of solar parks and plants totaling 2 GWp. Commissioning is expected in the next 24 month. This will help meet the energy needs of consumers.

It is also building large-scale solar parks in Rajasthan that will be used for C&I and utility-scale projects.

With large-scale solar projects installed in Vietnam and Bangladesh, the company is well-known worldwide. Rays Power Infra has expanded its presence in Asia and MENA regions.

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